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Costumes – Ken-ketsu

I first saw Ken Ketsu in Tokyo about four years ago and he’s been my favorite Japanese Mascot ever since.

Look how cute he is!

But, I hear you cry, what is he a mascot for??

Well, look at his ears – remind you of anthing?

Yes, they’re bood drops and Ken Ketsu is the Japanese Red Cross’ mascot fo the act of giving blood.

See how sad he looks at the bottom with small ears when his blood reserves get too low and how happy he is when they are big and full. How can you not let a stranger stick a needle into your arm with this kind of emotional blackmail??

The Japanese also believe that your blood type tells a lot about your personality, hence all the different Ken Ketsus with different blood types.

Ok – you get that, but I can still hear you asking what’s this got to do with costumes, Damon?

Glad you asked, because I had the great good fortune to actually meet Ken Ketsu in person recently outside Kyoto city hall.



















How’s that for a slice of sheer awesomeness!

I’m still not going to give blood though – I’m terrified of needles.


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