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Haikyo – Industrial Site (Original Find)

Recently it’s seemed that the discovery of one haikyo naturally leads to the discovery of another. This site is only a short drive from the electronics factory and we found it during a bit of ‘Let’s find a haikyo’ driving after leaving the factory.

It was too late and too wet for a proper search that day, but we jumped over the barrier on the side road leading up to the site, scrambled over the mound of dirt that had been bulldozed into place to stop vehicles from going up, and quickly counted four or five buildings in the area. Then we went back to the car, marked the location for future exploration and went home. (more…)


Haikyo – Electronics Factory (Original Find)

The same day that Andrew and I explored the fish farm we also made another original discovery when we spotted this overgrown, red, building across the fields.

Making our way over, it was easy to get inside through a missing window and it was soon obvious that this had been some kind of light industrial production facility. The first room was a large open space with work benches, shelves, scattered tools and boxes of old components.


The Yokai Files – Tanuki – Ceramics and Saviours

Despite having posted about Tanukis just recently a couple of things happened that made me want to do an update.

Firstly, I went to the town of Shigaraki – the spiritual home of the ceramic Tanuki, producing a staggering number of  Tanuki figures.

Secondly, I remembered another nice story about a ceramic Tanuki saving Kyoto, and that I had photos of the shrine dedicated to that Tanuki.

Lastly, an update will be a great excuse to show you all a rather famous Japanese TV commercial featuring those huge testicles.

So here you are, a second helping of Tanuki goodness.


Haikyo – Fish Farm (Original Find)

When I decided to start searching my local area for haikyo this was one of the first places I thought about checking out. A small over grown compound with two or three wooden buildings which I’d often cycled past.

I called a friend, Andrew, and asked if he was up for a spot of exploration, then a couple of days later we cycled over to what turned out to be a long abandoned fish farm.