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Costumes – Random sightings

With all the haikyo and yokai blog reports some of my other topics tend to get a bit neglected – so here’s a quick fix of costumes pics for you.

This is a small collection of three random costume sightings scored during other trips.

Firstly during a day out at the Meji Muru in Inuyama, I ran into this clawed cutie. A girl in white knee-length boots and a pink crab costume – don’t ask why.

She was actually with a small camera crew so a guess they were about to record a TV segment. The building in the background is a Frank Lloyd Wright original, so maybe it was something to do with that.

Anyway, here is ‘Crab Girl’ on her own.

Number two is also a sneak preview of the next haikyo on my ‘To blog’ list.

I’d heard stories of people running into Cosplayers doing photo shoots whilst out exploring haikyo, but this is the first time it happened to me.

Part way through exploring a huge Limestone processing plant we spotted this photographer and model doing a shoot in the distance.

By the time we’d wandered over to the area they were shooting in they were finishing up and leaving, we exchanged hellos and passed each other by…. BUT a few weeks later, we ran into exactly the same photographer with a different model at a derelict mine site.

I snapped a couple of pics from a discreet distance during their photoshoot.

But, preferring to be up front and direct about these things I went up, introduced myself and got a couple of better shots to boot.

Full reports on these haikyo will be appearing in future updates.


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