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Haikyo – Biwako Tower Revisited

Biwako Tower was one of the first haikyo I visited in Japan and I probably wouldn’t have returned if Florian hadn’t wanted to go and take some photos after we left the nearby love hotel haikyo.

Yet I’m glad I did as this extended return visit turned up quite a lot more information about the history of the place as well revealing several things I missed on my first (brief) visit.

I also got a perfect answer to the question I was left with after my last visit – Why did they call a huge ferris wheel ‘Biwako Tower’ ? (more…)


Haikyo – Biwa Tower

My next haikyo wasn’t hard to find. In fact everytime I’d travel down to Kyoto I’d see it from the window of the train. The colourful little cabins clearly visible against the blue sky.

The biggest mystery about this place is why the owners decided to call a ferris wheel ‘Biwa Tower’?