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Haikyo – Fish Farm (Original Find)

When I decided to start searching my local area for haikyo this was one of the first places I thought about checking out. A small over grown compound with two or three wooden buildings which I’d often cycled past.

I called a friend, Andrew, and asked if he was up for a spot of exploration, then a couple of days later we cycled over to what turned out to be a long abandoned fish farm.

Getting in was no problem at all, with just a low fence and an open gate behind the over growth.

Once inside we could see two self-contained buildings and several smaller open sided storage areas and work spaces.

The main building, a glorified shed really, was wide open on two sides and was still strewn with the debris of a workshop. Basically it was one big area with a staircase running up against one wall to an open platform (above an area that looked like it had once been a big refrigerated unit).

Despite how open the place was, it looked remarkably untouched; the windows were all unbroken and there was no sign if  kids having messed the place up. Some of the boxes on the upper level still contained sealed packs of antibiotics for the fish, and on the lower level a door, stiff from disuse, opened onto a small office room with a set of dusty leather chairs covered in paw prints (though from what I’m not quite sure – probably just a cat).

Every other step taken around office was enough to make the bell inside the old phone chime a single clear note, which made us both jump the first time; though Andrew got a bigger scare when he open a desk drawer a something suddenly moved inside – but it just turned out to be a gecko.

I got another animal scare as we made our way outside again; leaning over to look into a big concrete tank still full of water, a huge Bull Frog splashed into the depths. A quick check around uncovered the old, dried up, pools where the fish must have been kept, a stack of old packing trays and another large refrigerator in the second building.

We explored around a little more taking in a few details (you can see the full gallery here). Then, as it was a nice day, we set off again with no real objective just  looking for any other haikyo we could find. After about an hour of taking random paths, we got lucky! Spotting a big overgrown red building across the fields, we headed over to it and made our second original find of the day – which I’ll write-up next time.


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